Little ones love these springy animal mobiles; hang in a nursery or bedroom for tonnes of bouncing visual stimulation! (Pssst... nappy changing has never been so easy with this fabulously fun distraction!) Tiggy the Tiger is the coolest cat about! With long stripy legs, wiry whiskers and a rosy nose, he’s the perfect pal to have pouncing from the ceiling!

Tiggy the Tiger Mobile

  • Approximate Dimensions: 35cm long, 34cm wide, 80cm hanging (dimensions may vary, spring may be shortened to suit)

  • These colourful springy mobiles are not toys but for decorative use only. They should be hung securely out of reach of children, not directly above cot or child's face. Use for visual stimulation and a distraction at nappy changing time etc. Possible choking hazard.

    If hang length needs to be reduced, remove ring from end of spring and insert at required position. Ensure that 10-15mm of spring is within the ring.

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